Landscaping In the Northwest

Planting In The Northwest– As reported by The Seattle Times, for over a dozen years now, plant experts have gathered to fiercely debate over what plants are stellar performers here in the Northwest. The Great Plant Picks program has compiled a highly curated collection of 910 exceptional plants chosen specifically for our climate and growing conditions. Can there be any decent ones left to choose for 2014 and beyond?

landscaping nw

Not a problem, according to Richie Steffen, curator at the Miller Botanical Garden. His enthusiasm is reflected in the talented team of nursery people, designers and plant breeders who gather twice yearly to cull plants for the program. Volunteers all, the committee members are every bit as keen to evaluate and tussle over which plants to recommend as they were on Day one.(1)

Not a do-it-yourself landscaper? The next best thing is to consult a list of area landscapers , ask to see homes they’ve landscaped and then choose one that best fits your needs…..and make your vision a reality.


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