Neutral Palette For Resale

Though ‘Eggplant Pizazz” or “Sunflower Yellow” might be the wall colors that speak to you, preparing your home for the marketplace may require a different point of view. Consider using

choosing paint for walls

  paint colors similar to those currently used in new construction model homes. Those tones are selected to appeal the greatest number of buyers, and are aligned with current market trends. Unless you collaborated with a decorator when choosing wall colors for your home, it is likely the color, hue and tone might need adjustment. Tip? Avoid stark white walls, but choose something in neutral tones; preferably a color that compliments your woodwork and decor. Pop/statement color choices can be tricky.

Though paint color is easy to change, the number of buyers who pass on a home because they don’t like the wall colors is common. Therefore, if Junior’s room is bright meteor orange, your daughter’s room is hot pink and the family room is a combo of rainbow popsicle, you may want to repaint and take the new construction color point of view. Need color advice? Our staging professionals will be happy to discuss color with you.


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