How Time On Market Affects Your Sale Price

“In today’s market, sellers are again optimistic on the value and price of their homes — but buyers aren’t.” This quote

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by Ron Phipps, principal with Warwick, R.I.-based Phipps Realty and past president of the National Association of Realtors, sums up valuable advice to sellers.

 To sell your home in a timely manner and get fair value, the challenge for a seller is to price the house so that it is compelling.

What that means in dollar signs: Set a price slightly below market value, just a fraction.

For example: If similar homes in your neighborhood are clustered around $210,000, you might price yours at $200,000 or $198,000, he says.

Most agents wish their clients knew: “The longer a house is on the market, the less likely you are to get fair value. So you really want to position yourself to be the one that sells, not the one that languishes.”

And that old adage of not wanting to leave any money on the table? Still valid.

If you’re turning around and buying a home, and you already have cash in hand, thanks to a fast sale, that puts you in a very powerful position.

Read more @ BankRate : 6 Things Agents Wish Their Sellers knew. – Windermere Real Estate

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