Don’t Forget The Kids

AbbottRealGroup – In the midst of job changes, transfers, bonuses and buying the ‘next’ house, the transition from one place to another can sometimes be more stressful for your kids than you think. If you have children, involve them in the process. From their point of view the move could be either a great ‘new’ experience OR something they dread. Involving the family in a ‘forward thinking’ effort can help bring everyone on board for this new experience.

Family putting moving boxes into truck

Don’t Sugarcoat

Depending on their ages, explain what is happening, why it is happening and that you are all going through it together. Give them an opportunity to voice their opinions. This gives them the security of knowing that you are listening and that you care how they feel.

Group Participation

Get everybody involved. Give your children a ‘part’ to play in the move. Whether they are packing things from their own room or want to have a going away party, let them be a part of the action.

Show and Tell. If your children have not seen where you are moving (across country), show them a picture of their new home. Take out the map and show them where you are going. Research things to do in your new town and share the links with them.


Each child is unique in how they will react to the move. Be prepared for a variety of responses. Again, keeping the communication lines open. Let them share their feelings both before and after the move. Adjustment takes time. Reassure them that you’ll find activites and fun things to take part in. Let them know that it won’t be long before they won’t feel like the ‘new’ kid anymore.

Monitor Connections and Maintain Stability

Teens and pre-teens are very connected these days through the internet. Contact with old friends is comforting but take care to monitor and encourage new connections. In these days of quick access, returning to old friends via the internet can become a crutch. Insure that there are plenty of opportunities for new connections, new explorations, and new opportunities.

Routines Help

Try to keep family routines as similar as possible. Gathering for meals and connecting in the evening or before bedtime gives kids a sense of family cohesiveness and communication.

The Order Of Things

Once you begin moving into your new home pay special attention to getting your kids’ room set up first. Give them the opportunity to connect with their things and create their comfort zone.

Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you’ve moved, find the new schools, look for kids in the neighborhood, being the search to connect with your new community. Spend family time planning a place to visit each weekend, so the whole family learns about their new town. Research social organizations, churches, and community centers. If your family was involved with similar groups before, participating in similar activities in your new location can create a sense of belonging.

Encourage children to become involved in a sports team or a school club, or depending on the time of year you plan your move, get involved with the local swim club, or summer camps.


Don’t forget to give yourself some downtime and just relax. Your kids will pick up on how you are feeling. What you say and the emotions you display will be felt by them. Take care of you! – Windermere Real Estate

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