You Found The Perfect House. Now What?

by Greg Abbott

Real Estate ‘Reality shows’ wrap-up the home search/find/close experience in 30 minutes, leaving viewers to assume the process is a slam dunk, bada-boom situation. The ‘real’ reality is not quite that simple. Your Realtor of choice will likely be the difference between a smooth path to a successful closing or a rocky road nightmare.

Escrow Process:

jpgEscrow Chart

Aside from negotiating the sales price, your Realtor will negotiate the terms and conditions of your home inspection and manage the escrow process to insure there are no hiccups along the way. The escrow process, alone, involves many steps and several people. Be sure an organized, knowledgeable person is overseeing yours.

The process that leads you to a picture of you posing in front of your new home begins with choices made early in your search. Before you select a Realtor, ask a few questions to determine their ability to make your new home experience a ‘successful’ reality.

GrjpgGreg and Lonnie Indiv Pics Blogeg Abbott is a broker for Windermere Real Estate in Bellevue, WA, located on Greater Seattle’s Eastside. His team is comprised of both veteran and millennial aged agents as well as a creative staff for listings. Greg’s aim is make the Realtor connection easy and a ’right-fit’ for all clients. Whether working with first-time buyers or seasoned sellers he’s committed to knowledgeable, outstanding service. 

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