Help For Frustrated Home Buyers

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 A robust seller’s market has evolved into a frustrating experience for many would-be buyers. Tenacity, high hopes and a pre-approval letter are not always enough when it comes to having your offer considered by the seller. How can you gain the winning edge?

frustrated home buyers

A Three Pronged Approach

One of the obvious answers is to work with someone who understands the process and can predict what is likely to happen based on three things: 1) what you want to purchase  2) your purchasing power 3) the structure of the offer. As in most cases where we seek financial, health and other important advice, we often find that knowledge trumps enthusiasm. Speaking with experienced professionals who can correctly assess a situation, articulate a clear path, and provide examples of outcomes in a variety of situations can lead to a successful outcome.

Hot Market Means Strategic Planning

Buying and selling real estate is often one of our largest financial transactions. Yet, it is surprising how many people will use their sister’s friend’s cousin to buy or sell a home just because they didn’t look further into it. With some planning and a calculated strategy, your Realtor should be able to describe the steps to success. That includes selecting a home which allows for a certain percentage of financial stretch and a pre-determined plan for inspections. Will you pay for a pre-inspection if it places you in a more competitive position?

Computer vs. Human

Access to online information is a great benefit for buyers. But for a successful purchase, it still comes down to the human factor. A Realtor who can describe the necessary pieces of a strong offer and who will suggest a ‘buying strategy’ to capture the seller’s attention could be your ticket off the “Oh, no, we lost another house” roller coaster.


GrjpgGreg and Lonnie Indiv Pics Blogeg Abbott is a broker for Windermere Real Estate in Bellevue, WA, located on Greater Seattle’s Eastside. He has spent 25+ years helping area residents buy and sell real estate.  Greg’s aim is to insure that each transaction is a smooth and seamless process. Whether working with first-time buyers or seasoned sellers he’s committed to knowledgeable, outstanding service. 

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