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Posted by Greg Abbott-

Hiring a Realtor to help you sell a home is similar to choosing a new car or even a new pair of shoes, except a real estate professional is helping you with one of your biggest investments.

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Select someone who fits well with your goals. The key to finding a good ‘fit’ should include a combination of factors: market expertise, experience & background (don’t use your neighbor’s cousin’s best friend’s sister), marketing package (be sure you see the types of material they plan to use when marketing your home), your initial ‘feeling’ about their listing presentation, the services they offer, their connection to professionals in your community and their track record.

Common mistakes include falling for ‘flattery’ lines which include suggested listing prices well above what others suggest, emotional lures aimed at influencing or clouding your logical conclusions based on the above mentioned criterion and lack of market data to support their suggestions.

The elusive quality we feel in our ‘gut’ is trust. Do you trust that the person you are hiring has the foundation, committment, expertise, marketing team, reputation for customer service, negotiating expertise and professionalism to follow-through on what they’ve promised to do? If so, you may have found the proverbial ‘good fit’.

GrjpgGreg and Lonnie Indiv Pics Blogeg Abbott is a broker for Windermere Real Estate in Bellevue, WA, located on Greater Seattle’s Eastside. He has spent 25+ years helping area residents buy and sell real estate.  Greg’s aim is to insure that each transaction is a smooth and seamless process. Whether working with first-time buyers or seasoned sellers he’s committed to knowledgeable, outstanding service. 

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