Is Your Realtor Your Most Important Financial Advisor?

Thoughts by Peter Dunn and follow-up by Greg.
Peter Dunn
-“I firmly believe in the importance of hiring a competent financial professional to help guide your financial life. This probably doesn’t surprise you. What may surprise you is who I think is the most important financial professional in your life.

dollar bill

It’s not who you think. Consider the choices. Of course there’s a financial planner, an insurance agent, an accountant, and even a lawyer. But I believe the most important financial professional in any of our lives is a Realtor. A bad Realtor can create havoc in your life for 30 years or more, while a great Realtor can insure stress-free living within your financial limits.

Realtors help people make the largest purchase most of them will ever face — and take-on more debt than they will ever take on again. I don’t know about you, but to me, those two factors alone make the Realtor the most important
financial adviser a person can have.”  Peter Dunn/Financial Planner & columnist for Indianapolis Star’s Business & Jobs

The following are excerpts from Peter’s article titled: A Realtor Is Your No. 1 Financial Advisor

“Here’s why most people don’t feel like I feel: I believe a financial adviser’s job, whether it’s a stockbroker or a Realtor, is to help prevent mistakes. There’s an old adage in the investment world: The first step in making money, is not losing money. A great financial professional will assess the situation, calculate risks, and advise you on what not to do. Show me a financial professional that is a “Yes Man,” and I’ll show you a worthless financial adviser.”

“A great Realtor will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it.” (See the rest of Peter’s article)


Follow-up by Greg:
Not surprisingly, I agree with Peter. I define my role as a trusted advisor for my clients. When it comes to making a real estate purchase or sale, an experienced Realtor is your best asset throughout the process. People often misinterpret the role of the Realtor and look at them as a ‘salesperson’ rather than a member of their team,  i.e. Health Advisor/Financial Advisor/Legal Advisor/Insurance Advisor/Real Estate Advisor)

Financial information, such as market trends in your area, number of sales, absorption rate and a Current Market Price Value for the home you are selling (or buying) is extremely important in helping determine if this is the right ‘time’ to act. Knowing that your Realtor has worked with other clients who have received good service & advice is also important. Why? Some people in the field of real estate are not full time agents. They have their license but do not have daily, on-the-job working knowledge of the market. There are others who are somewhat uneasy with the ‘financial’ side of real estate and, as a result, will not offer analysis and cannot discuss the financials of the market as well as they might wish.

Aside from understanding ‘how’ to find a buyer (for sellers) or point out the differences in search areas (for buyers) an often  ‘forgotten’ part of your real estate transaction is the escrow process. It is your Realtor’s job to manage this multiple step process by staying in contact with all parties (lender/underwriter/escrow) throughout.  Follow-up, through communication with you, keeps you informed and aware of how your transaction is moving along.

Experience ‘negotiating’ can make a substantial difference to the outcome of your sale. Consider other areas in your business affairs where you would want a good negotiator working for you. Additionally, the ‘inspection’ of the home requires another set of ‘negotiation’ procedures. It is rarely a cut-and-dry situation.

As Peter explains in his article, a really good Realtor will speak up and advise you, looking out for your best interests. As a professional who helps people with major financial transactions, I hope to keep my clients forever. Like other financial/business contacts in your life, your trust is our most valuable asset.

Peter concluded with some good advice for his readers. I would like to extend this invitation as well:  If you are looking for a combination of experience/analysis/knowledge/success…. contact us. We would love to help you with your next real estate PURCHASE or SALE.

GrjpgGreg and Lonnie Indiv Pics Blogeg Abbott is a broker for Windermere Real Estate in Bellevue, WA, located on Greater Seattle’s Eastside. His team is comprised of both veteran and millennial aged agents as well as a creative staff for listings. Greg’s aim is make the Realtor connection easy and a ’right-fit’ for all clients. Whether working with first-time buyers or seasoned sellers he’s committed to knowledgeable, outstanding service. 

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*Peter Dunn is president of Pete the Planner, based in Carmel, Ind. His column appears weekly online and in The Indianapolis Star’s Business & Jobs section on Sunday.  /  Michelle Pemberton / The Star

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